‘Stuff and nonsense’

…An adventure through your imagination


Join Sami and Coco, as old stuff from the attic is imaginatively transformed into the beginnings of a unique adventure. Use your imagination to journey from the depths of the ocean, through a jumble-jungle and onwards to unexplored lands.

A fun-filled, immersive-theatre experience for all the family; the children create and take part in the action-packed adventure alongside the actors. Using every-day items as props for our story, with music, mystery, bubbles and even bats!

Feel free to bring some stuff (such as recyclables, or junk from around your home), to be transformed into essential items for our journey…using nothing more than your imagination!

Lots of fun for ages 5-10, brought to you by inclusive drama company ActAble. They also run ActAble Academy drama group, as well as drama workshops for both children and adults, across Sussex.

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(by Leonie Taylor, for Child Friendly Brighton & Hove)

On arrival at the venue – the Hanover Community Centre – we come across the protagonists clearing out old junk, apparently unprepared for any kind of show. After a little comedy of errors, the children are quickly invited to co-create the adventure and are skillfully led through the fantastical story of the shipwrecked amnesiac princess Amber, by a rumbunctious pirate captain.

As with most audience participation, it takes a little work to get the kids warmed up, and the message to ‘use your imagination’ is explicit, but it’s not long before they are all fully immersed in the imaginative tale, cantering around the room as cabin mates undersea, over land, to the king of the monkeys, a snake charmer and a mystical storyteller who ultimately reveals princess Amber’s true identity. From the four-year-old girls in the audience to my originally skeptical 11-year-old boy, and even the most reticent of parents, everyone in the room got involved, whether as characters or as prop holders. Even my baby became the frog princess who ‘didn’t speak English’, to great amusement.

Junk Adventures is the kind of show that, as a native Brightonian, makes me feel right at home. From the setting – at the heart of ‘Muesli Mountain’, where Actable also hold reassuringly non pushy mum/drama school lovey drama classes for kids – to the no-frills props, the show is all about the imagination, making something rather charming and quirky from not very much. It’s the antithesis to the slick corporate, London-inspired (and priced) side of Brighton that’s emerged over the last few years, and it’s all the more enjoyable for it.