Wednesdays @ Hillcrest centre, Newhaven.
Ages 4-7 2.30-3.30pm (mainly home ed, but all welcome)
Ages 8-Teen 3.30-4.30pm 
Cost £6 per class, paid half termly.
ActAble supports child development by allowing children to express themselves, grow their imaginations & exercise their social skills, by using child-led play hand in hand with drama. The prime objective of ActAble Academy is to encourage essential life-skills; primarily creativity, confidence, and collaboration. 
We use costumes, props, games. We sometimes make films, design sets & learn stage makeup. Learn acting technique, make friends, access to casting info & opportunities to take drama LAMDA exams. 

The teacher Sami-Jayne is a trained actress, children's entertainer & inclusion playworker. This unique background makes for a special combination of fun, child-centred learning and interaction.
At ActAble Academy it's not about creating a "perfect finished product"; it's about encouraging natural personal development in the children by using drama. Each week, the teacher leads the students through activities which have been tailored to their specific needs.
Sami-Jayne, the director of ActAble, opened the Academy to fill the gap for thought-through drama for children
(not just playing any old drama game to keep the kids busy)! ActAble Academy prides itself on the fact that our classes combine structured learning with child-led exploration, resulting in a special atmosphere conducive to social & personal development.

Students will stretch their creativity by being encouraged to use their imaginations by devise short stories and scenes. They will grow in confidence by performing in a safe, encouraging environment to each other and occasionaly their parents. They will learn how to listen to others and share their own ideas, by working in collaboration with each other.

Ages 4-7

  • Playing drama games wakes up our minds, bodies and voices and helps us to develop teamwork.
  • We have fun using costumes & props, to help us make up our own stories.
  • We work together to make up (improvise) a story, with our tutor joining in too. This is called Story-Play-Time.
  • Dance and music help us to improve our coordination and listening.
  • We can explore our imaginations by miming short scenarios and using "loose-parts", e.g. boxes/ sponges/ string as props.
  • Sometimes we do theatre-crafts like making masks or face-painting.
Ages 8-teen

  •  We warm-up our bodies and voices with actor's exercises & improvisational games.
  • We learn drama skills such as; facial expression, vocal projection, accents, characterisation & improvisation.
  • We are taught about different acting styles such as slapstick, physical theatre.
  • We use a camera to learn about acting for film and tv.
  • Sometimes we go on trips to see shows or do special workshops.
  • LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts) exams are on offer. You learn and rehearse to get a very prestigious certificate and qualification.