ActAble was established in 2010 by Sami-Jayne Farnsworth.

Qualifications/ Courses taken:
B.A. (Hons) Acting, Paediatric first aid, Emergency medication, Safeguarding, Basic Makaton, Understanding Autism, Dealing with challenging behaviour, (currently studying NVQ level 3 in Playwork), Advanced tap & Modern dance, grade 4 Clarinet.

Sami-Jayne is a trained actress, children's entertainer & inclusion playworker. She has combined the skills from each, allowing her to create a special atmosphere conducive to social & personal development for her students.

After completing B.A. Hons Acting at drama school AUCB, Sami-Jayne achieved her goal of working in Theatre in Education. From 2006-2011 she performing shows across the UK for some of the top children's theatre companies.
Shows included themes such as stranger danger for 4 year olds, anti-bullying, alcohol awareness, Shakespeare for 16 year olds & pantomime.

In 2011 Sami-Jayne became a children's party entertainer, running Zip Zap Boing. It's gone from strength to strength and she provides themed disco parties across Sussex every weekend! (www.zip-zap-boing.co.uk). Her success has been largely due to her ability to lead fun activities, whilst maintaining control of large groups.

Since 2011 she has also worked as an inclusion playworker for a children's charity. This is very close to her heart, as her brother was kicked-out of a franchised drama group as a child, for being unable to learn his lines!...He was severely dyslexic, with additional needs.
Later in life, when Sami-Jayne cover-taught for franchised drama groups, she was appalled to be told by managers "They're not working on anything, there's nothing planned, just play games". On one occasion, the children would not initially work with a child who had Autism because "the teacher normally works with him and then he just watches when the teacher helps us".
This sewed the seed that an inclusive, child-focussed drama group was what was needed. ActAble is just that. Sami-Jayne is currently studying for Level 3 NVQ in playwork and applies playwork principles to ActAble as much as possible. There is a recognised national decline in the amount and quality in which children are playing. There are 16 recognised "play types" & 10 of them are accessible through drama (e.g. communication play, imaginative play, symbolic play). At ActAble, opportunities are provided for children to access these play types & thereby learn through them.

ActAble provide opportunities which cater for the individual. All programmes are designed to allow for the growth of essential life skills; primarily co-operation, respect, concentration, imagination and creativity.

 All of our practitioners are CRB checked.