ACTING to access ability

Providing quality bespoke acting workshops to the community since 2010

ActAble supports social development by enabling children to hone their communication skills in a fun way, by using play hand in hand with acting.
We hold weekly groups in the community & within organisations such as schools.

We have a strong inclusion policy, with experience of enabling children with social barriers, such as anxiety, ASD, mutism, ADHD.

We also take performance workshops into the community, to empower adults with barriers to access (such as old age, or learning disability) to use acting to express themselves in a friendly & fun environment.



Advance your acting skills & have fun with friends!
Wednesdays @ Hillcrest centre, Newhaven
Ages 4-7 2.30-3.30pm (Mainly home ed but all welcome)
Ages 8-teen 3.30-4.30pm £6

Learn acting skills, make friends, play, get access to casting opportunities, option to gain drama qualifications.
We use costumes, props, games. We sometimes make films, design sets, learn stage makeup & go on a trip to see a show.

"My daughter really enjoyed the drama classes with Sami and always skipped home afterwards full of stories of what she'd been up to. Sami is great with children and brilliant at encouraging them to act out their imaginative stories."

"My son is now in the gifted & talented program at school! He is auditioning for productions & has a workshop at the Theatre Royal & it is all down to you!"

“I really enjoy ActAble. It has taught me a lot about acting & I have made friends.”


We run one-off or weekly performance groups for primary schools. The children gain confidence & have fun learning performance skills. We support EYFS with our play-based approach. Additionally we can support the curriculum, by using drama to bring to life Tudors, Victorians etc, taylored to each key stage.

We have a storyacting workshop that engages EYFS children in imaginative play & supports key literacy skills. Demonstrating new fun techniques to the teachers, with supporting resources.

Our sister company can provide your school with themed school disco parties.


New social skills development program for children with Autistic Spectrum Condition, using play & drama. 

Guide age 6-12 (other ages may be appropriate, please enquire).
Phoenix community centre Brighton.
Every Tuesday 7th November- 19th December.
Cost £56. 

"My son absolutely loved it and asked if we can go again next week! A perfect after school activity - something that we struggle to find.. It was lovely to see him relax and enjoy himself as the session went on."

This fun, play-based activity empowers children to deal with social challenges more easily. It encourages children to use play & pretending to reflect on their own behaviours, develop their ability to "shift gears" more easily between understanding of self & other & integrate modelled behaviours into their real lives. 

We play games, do pretending, use puppets, make use of film as a way to reflect & we also simulate real life events that can be problematic (eg eating out at a restaurant.)
It all sounds rather serious here, but of course as far as the children are concerned it is a fun group, where they can play, pretend, dress up, make films & make friends!

Please conact me to discuss how your child would benefit from joining this exciting new play-based social program.